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8-week Blueprint Hot Girl Summer Challenge
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Meet The Coaches

Jarrod and Katelyn 

Do you want to feel like you can jump into a sport or athletic event at any time?
As a Blueprint Athlete you will represent our Next Level team of athletes. (no previous athletic skills required) 

We are looking for people who desire something more but just don't know how to get there.

This is a life change.  WE encourage NEXT LEVEL SHIT. 

We believe in living the life you want to live while staying fit. 
+Gym is not 
+Dieting is not everything.
+Constantly challenging your mind and body to be better produces results. 

We are not just working out to get sexy or do it for society acceptance, that is a byproduct.

IF you are ready to transform your mind and body with a little competition against yourself, this is for you. 

We help regular people train like an athlete in under 60 minutes a day!