NASM Certified Trainer
5 years as a fitness professional 
Certified Lifestyle and Wellness Coach
B.S. Exercise Science 
Former Track Athlete 
Current "adult athlete"

Studying kinesiology while training as a D1 track athlete expanded my knowledge and passion as a fitness professional.  I have spent many years training clients who want to achieve “next level fitness” many of them successfully doing so. The ones that have truly achieved the lifestyle are the ones that changed their mindset by realizing what they are capable of and continuing to prioritize their health.  

My purpose of creating the Blueprint is to provide “the secrets” to my lifestyle. I strive to achieve all-around functional fitness. Training to be a casual athlete keeps me motivated, fit, and healthy. 

Current sports include: 
Road biking 
Hiking Mountains 
Long Distance Running
Cross-fit  / Hyrox
spartan Races 
Future fitness goals include: 
Ultra-marathon trail event 


Former D1 Purdue Football Player
Finance Professional  
MBA Finance    

Training for Football when I was in high school sparked my initial interest in Fitness.  That interest has now transformed into a lifestyle.  For the last 20 years, I have been working out at the gym. I am constantly looking for ways to challenge my body and mind.  I am an avid volunteer:  active in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program, coaching special Olympics teams and helping women’s domestic shelters.  I truly believe in helping people achieve goals, to grow and to get to a place they could not get to alone. Throughout my life people have asked me how I achieved this fitness level AND if could I give them some advice.   

 Next Level Fitness is about giving those people and others the opportunity to challenge themselves & to break out of their comfort zone by following our training regimen.  

I am a busy person, I work multiple jobs, volunteer and of course workout. I typically workout 80 minutes a day and try to move as much as possible throughout the day. My overall fitness goal is to be able to keep up with long distance runners and be able to lift with the bodybuilders. My goal isn’t to beat anyone but always challenge myself mentally and physically.  As long as I am doing that every day, I will keep growing and I consider that a Win.  

Unleash Your Inner Athlete!

We've had our moments to level up fitness as well! UNLEASH YOUR INNER ATHLETE: We both continue to challenge our minds and bodies by pushing our bodies physically to be "all-around" next level fit.


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