why we do HIIT Style Workouts

Uncategorized Apr 07, 2022

The Blueprint program consists of strength and cardio workouts that are filled with full body complex movements and high intensity style workouts.  This type of workout can be challenging but you will see results in performance and appearance measures. 

Here are a few reasons why we structure our workouts with high intensity style workouts.
1. Efficiency! “More bang for your buck”
2. Weight loss + fat burn     
3. Lean Muscle Gain
4. Elevates metabolic rate
5. Increase strength

During a HIIT workout your heart rate may reach up to 85% of heart rate max or higher during each set of “limited rest” exercise. This good stress you are putting on your heart is improving your VO2 max along with burning more calories and fat due to the workload.

During a HIIT workout you are engaging in full body exercises that involves resistance training. Now you are not only working the cardiovascular system but also making strength improvements with the full body exercises.


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