Do you have back pain when you squat, deadlift, run, or play golf?

Are you wondering what you can do to improve your performance?

Get back to the activities you love stronger than before and alleviate back pain! 

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LEARN with me about what you can adjust right now to fix back issues.

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Identify What is Causing the Pain

Learn about the core-complex and what area is causing your problem.

Learn Techniques that Work

FIX imbalances and instabilities. 
REDUCE stiffness and tightness.
BUILD a strong core-complex.

Prevent Back Pain FOR GOOD

REDUCE RISK OF INJURY with correct movements.


This video style learning and exercise course will give you the PAIN.
Learn How To: 

1. Identify what is causing back problems.
2. Fix imbalances and instabilities causing back problems.
3. REBUILD a strong core.
4. Break bad habits.
5. Prevent back pain from returning for good.

Who We Have Helped:

Running was a pain for me. I wasn't able to jog a few blocks without excessive back tightness, Katelyn showed me how to fix my anterior pelvic tilt and now I can run a lot longer.  I no longer have back pain or tightness when I run at all.   - Monica, 55

"The course is like a private personal training session you can complete on your own time. For $20 it's well worth it!" Katie, 32

"The exercise routine #2 in the course showed noticeable results in my core strength which helped my back tightness when standing for long periods on time." Bri, 27

"I threw out my back at work picking up something that dropped on the floor and couldn't walk without pain for days, using the routine Katelyn showed me I was able to return to work and was walking correctly again in just a week."   Justin, 25

"I suffered a lower back injury that didn't allow me to perform in the bedroom like I wanted.  It was embarrassing and I knew I didn't have ED. I didn't want to go to a doctor, so I asked my trainer at the gym if she had a way to fix my back pain. After 2 weeks of doing the routine, my pain subsided, and I was able to perform like normal."  - Unnamed


No more wasting time and money on drugs, gimmicks, or chiropractors. 

According to the American Chiropractic Association,  31 million Americans are suffering back pain at any given time. This pain epidemic comes at a cost, estimated $2000+ our of pocket  each year and it’s a cost that’s largely preventable!! According to research, the best methods to fix your back problems for good is with EXERCISE and correct techniques when lifting. 

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