3 Steps to Alleviate Back Pain Naturally

My Personal Mission

Fifteen years ago, I had a stress fracture in a vertebra that was caused by a weak core that kept me from doing the things I love. Since then, I have been a HUGE advocate for back injury and pain prevention. I have been dedicated to helping clients tackle stubborn back problems and prevent injuries using methods and routines in this course. I am here to eliminate the guesswork for you and help you escape the pain using the National Academy of Sports Medicine corrective model.

How it works:

  1.  Download the Course (Kajabi App).
  2. Open course on phone or desktop.
  3. Join me as I personally guide you through the routines. 
  4. Reclaim your Pain Free Life!

You will learn how to:

  • Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain 

  • Relieve Chronic Back Pain
  • Relieve Muscle Stiffness

  • Prevent Disc Issues

  • Fix issues with ED 
  • Build rock solid core

  • Improve Posture 

  • Prevent reoccurring injuries and pain

No equipment required.
Foam-roller or myofascial release device highly recommended. 

If you have a medical diagnosis or back disorder and you are not approved to engage in light physical activity by your physician, this course is NOT suited for you.

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